Solceller a new type of green energi

Solar power have been used for the last several hundred years, either to heat homes or food (who haven’t tried to fry an egg on a piece of metal placed directly in the sun) or in modern times to produce heat and electricity to homes. Solceller are one of the newer ways of using the solar power to generate electricity to homes. By adding a large amount of solceller you can use the solenergi to create electricity which you can use to power your radio, tv, computer or other eletronic gadgets in your home, or simly just keep the lights on without having to pay those huge power bills.
Over the last 20 year solceller have become more and more efficient and we have seen a far greater number of uses for solceller. In 5-6 years most experts seem to believe that the number of people using solceller or others types of solar power have increased to three times as many as today which is pretty huge when we are talking green energi. But the most popular type of green energy are most likely solceller. In just a few years we can expect to see cars powered by solceller or solar panels on the street. The problem is that when we are talking cars, the energi requirement far exceed that which can be produced by moden solar panels. So in order to get some actually useful cars, we need to increase the power output of solceller but also make the engines more effective so that they require less power to run.

By using advanced data mining technics they have managed to increase the effect of solceller quite a bit and using a far larger part of the suns power. You can read more about it here at – data mining.

Green energy is here to stay, and it’s becomming more and more popular. 20 years ago people who spoke for green energy was judged hippies or people with some crazy or silly ideas. Today many of the worlds smartest experts are working with some type of green energi like wind mills, solar power, wave power or others types of enviromental friendly energi. And with the threat of global warming hanging over our heads, there is no longer any time to waste, we need green energi here and we need it now.

It is true that there have been long payback on solar power with the current billing options available to most, and therefore are a lot of companies obviously are at a loss when it comes to investing in solar cells, which keeps a lot of people from doing this.

On the one hand, solar cells because of special rules really good for building energy frame and can at best move a building from a lower energy rating for energy class A. At the same time, solar cells a highly visible proof that the company takes a green responsibility and it is good for the overall branding of the company – both in terms of employees and customers.

On the other hand, the investment in the solar cells. They were supposed to be able to pay for itself with the lower energy bill and want in the life. It gives the expected plus the account. The solar cells are long-lived and provide power for the company for at least 25 years, so no doubt that the system enough to pay back, but many companies would substantially shorter payback times – therefore the reservation when it comes to solceller and solar energy.

Prices are falling
Now the solar market, however, has become so large and growth so dramatically that production in recent years has increased tremendously. Economies and production experience have been key ingredients in comparison to the prices on the modules down and it happens gradually in a nice pace.

So if you’re in a business that consumes power during the daylight hours and the activity of the company throughout the year, you will be able to use most of the flow from a real proportioned solar cell itself. Are furthermore a company in the service industry without the possibility of deducting other than VAT on purchased power, so begins to be an exciting equation in store. An equation that shows that it does not need to take 20 years to get the system paid for itself. This can be done much faster and with these new rules, investing in solar energi or solceller are now an option that many people should consider. Green energi is no longer just for hippies, with the introduction of technologies such as solceller and solfangere it’s now available to almost everybody these days.