Conpressor technology

As some of you might already have discovered there is a new super compressor on the market called Kompressor. It stands out from the crowd as it’s almost only half the size of many of the typical compressors on the market today and it’s still about 80% more powerful than the other ones. But what makes Kompressor so much more powerful? Most of it can be credited to a new major breakthrough in compressor technology where they have developed a new type of metal specific for super compressores that can withstand almost 4 times the pressure of the standard metals they used before. Combining that with some of the new airblower technology and nano engine tech they made scaled it all down to a size that is half of what it used to it, it can handle a lot more pressure without breaking and the engire can fill it even faster than any other types of compressor. You can find some images of it at most of the online shop selling værktøj of any kind.

The kompressor makes it easier to carry around as it weights a lot less than many of the similar types, and it can also handle more powerful air pressure tools than the other ones, once people starts to notice these new types of tools we can expect many construction jobs to run much more smootly. With further research we expect this technology to be improved even more and maybe in 4-6 years we will start to see even better versions of the Kompressor, ones that are even smaller and more powerful. Hopefully in 10-12 we can scale them down to a size where you can almost carry them around in your toolbelt. But for now we will just have to settle with the kompressor and enjoy the way technology is making it so much easier to most construction workers around the planet and helps them make some better projects of a higher quality.

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