Business intelligence and ERP

Many companies these days, are considering implementing a business intelligence in order to get the most out of their data, for decision support and drill drown into the data using data mining tools. But the one thing that stops many from simply jumping abroad the BI train and buying the best possible business intelligence tool is the huge job that often is to collect all the various data you need in order to actually use such a system. Often it takes month to gather all the data from the various source such as customer databases, product catalogs, sales data, credit and debitor lists ect. and add all of these data into a custom data warehouse. If you have no idea what business intellignce is and the basic facts behind BI we suggest you take a quick look at this article.

Read moreBut luckily many of the larger companies already got all of these data gathered in one place, in their ERP system. ERP stands for enterprice resource planning and is a common term for large systems that integrates most things such as customers, sales data, product databases, financials etc. Here all of those data are already stored in the system and by integrating a business intelligence system directly into the ERP system you can access all of those data, build reports, show charts and statistics on all the data in the system. Luckily many of the BI systems such as the Targit BI Suite can easily integrate with most of the larger ERP systems today, making it much easier to get started with business intelligence erp. However even if you save the time to collect the data, implement a data warehouse and transfer the data there, you will still need to education some of the employees in how to maintain and use the BI system. In order to get the most out of such as system you need skilled people to set it up and use it properly, all things which adds up and can easily become quite a big job too. However for most companies it is well worth the time and cost, as you can use these new tools to learn valuable about your company, product or customers. For instance you can easily check if your stocks are properly optimzed for the placement, ofte companies got way to many products in one location and to few of a hot selling product in some of the others by using advanced business intelligence and erp systems such as nyt tag. But using BI for resource planning you can ofte redistribute your stock and optimize your profit. See if your employees are spread out properly or if there are to many one place and to few somewhere else. This is why it’s so important with business intelligence and ERP and why it can benefit you so greatly if used correct. But in order to use it correctly you need a lot of training and education which takes both time and money.