Camping makes people relaxed

In a world where people are getting more and more stressed it can be hard to find proper ways of relaxing. Even our vacations and holidays tends to make people stressed and unhappy, usually this is due to not enough time to see everything or going shopping crazy.

But now the scientists seems to have proven that one of our oldest ways of vacations seems to make people relax more.
They tested the stress levels of 2000 people before they left for vacation and when they returned and found that camping was the type of vacation that seems to lower a persons level of stress the most and therefore was the most relaxing type of vacation.
The test also showed that it was also a huge difference where you went on camping vacation, people going to camping places like camping italien seemed more relaxed than people going to norway or finland for camping. But for some reason people going to sweden for sightseing or to rome for sightseeing had pretty much the same levels of stress so it wasn’t due to the clima or culture but type of vacation you had. Camping italien was more relaxing than camping sweden seemed to be.

So next time you decide to take a small vacation and get rid of some of your stress you should give camping a try, it’s fun for the whole family and a great way of getting to see the local nature whatever it’s on a swedish island or a trip to camping italien or any place else in the world. The most important thing is that you leave all work at home and focus on your family instead.