New technics for roofing

Over at the site they have developed a tool called nyt tag which can help you find the price on your next roofing project. We all know that it can be quite the jungle to figure out where to buy a new roof for your home, which contractor should you use, should it be a roof of tiles, skifer, teglsten or some other material ect. All things which can affect the prices quite a bit, with this new tool here at priser nyt tag it’s actually quite easy to just plot in your data and based on those data it will calculate a a price by using some advanced formulars based on Business Intelligence ERP analytics software which you can read much more about on twitter or google+.

A lot of companies these days have started using business intelligence and ERP software in order to gain, what some would call, an unfair advantage over the competition. With these tools a company can analyse it’s entire data source in every way possible and have the business intelligence program tell them exactly what they need to do in order to improve their business, optimize production or sales flow, trendspotting and many other things needed to run an enterprice business these days. The only problem with such BI software is the price and the education level needed to properly use such a tool. A full BI suite with everything included could easily cost a hundred thousand dollars to set up properly and educate a few key persons in it’s use.